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I want to take our faces off this space so it's nothing but spleen
that connects me to here
like a crime scene I do not fear but detest
admitting having borne, and I'm already home
repenting, skin and bones changing
roles and my soles turn to ice cream cones
turned upside down.

You will never read this..because you will forget. are forgetting. have forgotten.

i wish i could.
there is a reason and there is a rhyme
but what there is not is any more time

You. Skip a beat :)


i dont know if you ever check this anymore. I did now, after very many years :)
were things different backthenorwhatmaan:D

we should start over:-\

At my happiest, i realise - i can never ever hold bliss like it was my own.
Having your heart broken is nothing like they'd tell you in books is it. It's like someone left a great big rock on chest, and forgot it there.

i can't deal:(
would you mind if i made a guest appearance. and be spectacularly girly,
and complain to you about how everyone around me seems to be in a relationship

and/or a relationship problem (which, according to hearsay, happen only when one is IN a relationship)
and while i would normally be pleased to help
i've had it to up here
with it. because all it seems to do. is rub in a stark lack of, in my life

which is not, again, you know normally something i'd care about very much
there just seem to be one too many reminders lately